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Great that you're here. Learn more about the story and the purpose of Mission-Net (including the last Congress 2013/14), discover what it means to live missionally every day right where you are or explore the wide range of possibilties within missions.

Director's Blog

Getting the whole Bible first time - a moving story

What a beautiful celebration of one tribe in Papua, Indonesia, receiving the Bible in their own language!

Plenary coordinator found - hooray

I am so delighted that Julia Zimmermann, Berlin, has agreed to become the plenary coordinator for the next congress! With just under a year there is much to do. Let´s pray for her and the team!

It is also personally a joy as I had the privilege of working with Julia already for a few years when she was still a youth leader in Hamburg!

Fundraising meeting

We were so blessed once again to sit down with David Marfleet who flew in for the day, right from London, to sit down with us, review fundraising strategies and plan the next weeks and months. It is such a treat to have him "oversee" us here, help us planning and be hands on where we need it. 

We are also hugely grateful to the trust in the UK investing in Mission-Net through David. 


A fresh look at "Quiet Times"

I’m not sure how you spend your time with Jesus. Maybe you are the classical type who has a quiet time at the same time every day. You regularly meet with God for half an hour, read your Bible and speak to Jesus. If that is the case, congratulations. Quiet times seem to suit you. Great!


The situation of kids and youth in Europe today

Evi Rodemann, Director of Mission-Net shares her thoughts on the situation of kids and youth in Europe today (Foreword taken from the youth section of Debbie Meroff's new book "Europe: Restoring Hope"):


It Isn’t About Going

Eddie Arthur, Director of Wycliffe UK shares his thoughts on the Great Commission:

Everyone knows that the Great Commission says ‘Go into all the world’ or words to that effect.

Actually, it doesn’t.

Questions and Answers

Lukas Minder

Lukas Minder (Switzerland) works with Latin Link in Granada, Nicaragua. He shares about what it means to live a missional lifestyle, how to become a Christian worker, how to find one’s calling and how to prepare for the mission field:


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